Leg 10: Yanworth to Cherington

RV at SP903985 map sheet 163.
Walking from Yanworth at SP079139 to the RV at Cherington church.
Distance about 18 miles (29km).
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Leave Yanworth in a southwesterly direction to a T-junction just outside the village. Turn left here, and at the next crossroads turn right heading for Chedworth. This is a sizeable village and care needs to be taken to leave on the correct road at SP050117. Cross over the minor road here and head for Rendcomb, first crossing another minor road running due south into Cirencester (SP032101).

Climb out of Rendcomb, up and across the A435 at SP015096, then across the top to Woodmancote. You come into the village on the northeast side and leave on the southwestern edge at SP003088. This track runs down past Dartley Farm and under the A417, joining a minor road into Middle Duntisbourne (SO983065).

Turn left then right past the house on the track at SO983063. The footpath now runs almost due west to the lodge at SO962058. Take the road heading south from here for about 500m then turn right on a path running approximately southwest. Keep left at the small lake and continue alongside the wood into the north end of Sapperton.

Turn left, past "The Bell", go right at the T-junction and continue over the crossroads at SO948027. Shortly after the crossroads a track leaves on the left heading due south at SO946026. Take this, cross the A419 and continue on until you pick up the footpath proper at SO940996 just south of Tarlton Down. Turn west at ST934984. This will take you to Hazelton Manor Farm at ST929983 and then finally on to the end of the walk in Cherington.