Leg 11: Cherington to the B4060 Rail and Road Bridge

RV at ST728900 map sheets 162/163.
Walking from Cherington church at ST903985 to the RV near the rail and road bridge junction on the B4060.
Distance about 16 miles (26km).
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Leaving Cherington west on the Avening road (ST900984) walk along the lovely country road down into Avening. Once there go through the little town following the Macmillian Way signs. These will take you out into the country on the western side at ST878978.

The footpath now runs almost due south until it clips the B4014 a couple of kilometres south. A short walk along the B4014 and the footpath leaves the road heading for the main A4135 just east of Beverston (ST868937). Cross the road here and continue south to a crossroads almost at the A433 (ST861906). Here the path turns sharply to the west, skirting the private land of the Westonbirt Estate.

The footpath now takes you on a gentle arc up to the tiny village of Leighterton at ST827910. Once in the village leave the footpath signs behind to head out on the minor road at ST822908 (Bath Road). This will take you further west, across the A46 and onto Tresham at ST795912.

Back on the footpath again (ST794912) as it runs down the re-entrant to the track at ST779897. Turn right on the track into Hillesley. Walk northwest through the village, leaving on the minor road towards Kingswood (ST765898).

Follow the road until Folly Farm comes into view on the sharp corner at ST755905. Here a footpath leads you past the farm and onto Harolds Field Farm at ST748900. Again the footpath leads you past the farm, on up past Cherry Rock Farm at ST734897, and onto the B4060 and your final destination for the day.