Leg 12: The B4060 Road and Rail Bridge to the Severn View Services

RV at ST572896 map sheet 162.
Walking from the road and rail bridge on the B4060 (ST728900) to the M48 services.
Distance about 12 miles (20km).
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Leave the road and rail bridge heading south into Wickwar. Just short of the town on the B4060 is a footpath that takes you over the railway and behind the church. This is now overgrown, so walk on into the town, past the church and bear right out of town on the B4509.

A short way out is a minor road running off due west towards West End (ST721887). Take this all the way to the junction with the B4058 (ST697891). Across the road the footpath leads you onwards to the west and another minor road. Turn left to head down into Tytherington.

You need to walk right through the town, under the M5 and out onto the A38 (ST654892). Turn left on the A38 (footpath) and head up to the top of the hill. Here a track runs off on the opposite side of the road at ST648887 by The Abbey. This leads you down the other side of the hill and around the southern side of the large town of Thornbury, crossing the B4061 at ST636894.

The footpath runs through a golf course almost due north for about 500 metres before turning sharp left and up the hill to point 84 at ST621892. Across the road is a minor track that peters out into a footpath. This leads you around the northern side of Hay Wood at ST610896, then down the other side of the hill to a series of minor roads into Littleton-upon-Severn.

Leave the village on the footpath leading out to Cote Farm at ST581897. Walk past the farm for a hundred metres to a sharp bend in the farm track. Here the footpath leads off to the right, around and up over the final hill to look down on Manor Farm. Walk past the back of the farm on the high ground and the footpath will then lead you down its western side onto the B4461.

Just a hundred meters away is the Severn View Services and your final objective.

Well done!