Leg 3: Peakirk to Duddington

RV at SK988004 map sheet 141.
Walking from Peakirk at TF174067 to the RV at the road and track junction south of Duddington on the A43.
Distance about 18 miles (28km).
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The walking on this leg takes you from the flat lands of the coastal plane up onto the first hills and dales around the old town of Stamford and the lovely Welland valley. While at Peakirk you could visit the wild life park before you set off on this leg.

Leaving the car park just east of Peakirk walk over the river/road bridge into the village and turn north on the sharp corner of the B1443. This minor road runs north towards Deeping St.James, and in just under a kilometre you need to take the minor road running due west (TF166071). Cross over the next minor road when you come to it and keep going to the B1524. This runs north-south from Deeping St.James to Peterborough. The footpath continues due west crossing two other minor roads as it dog legs its way towards the road/rail/river junction at TF112068.

Here you turn south on the minor road until it meets the B1443 again where you turn right towards Bainton. Walk through this pretty little village until you are just short of Barnack (TF082054) where a disused railway provides the footpath that will take you swinging northwest towards Stamford.

At TF072067, a road and rail junction with a signal box, care needs to be taken to pick up the footpath as it is very easy to find oneself walking along the railway line! The footpath runs along the middle of the meadow on the north side between the railway line and the Welland River. The footpath ends just outside Stamford (TF043074) and you need to follow the track there over the rail line down to the B1443 (again!). This will lead you into Stamford proper.

As soon as you meet the main road turn right, go back over the rail line, turn right towards the Welland River Bridge, and turn left just short of the Bridge in the town centre. A few hundred yards or so along this little back road you are able to get down onto the large town centre park and the river Welland. A good place for lunch.

The footpath now follows the river until you cross it again at Broadeng Bridge (TF022061) and on under the flyover of the A606, continuing to follow the river for about a kilometre to the footbridge just outside the tiny village of Tinwell (TF008061). Now you turn almost due south and start the climb towards Easton on the Hill. At TF008060 take the left hand track running due south.

Some great views are to be had on the outskirts of Easton as you look back towards Stamford. Keep heading into the village until you come across a T-junction. Here you turn west and follow the road that eventually peters out into a footpath (TF000040) and head down hill into the Welland Valley for the first time and the Collyweston to Ketton road. Over the river in the valley floor the footpath leaves the road on the sharp corner just as you enter Geeston (SK985038) and heads southwest towards a minor road and Tixover Grange (SK978017). The track cuts off the corner here and then takes you to the River Bridge in Duddington. Finally up through the village to the main A43 road, a short distance along which is your final RV for the day.