Leg 8: Ratley to Broadwell

RV at SP201277 map sheets 151/163.
Walking from Ratley church at SP384474 to the RV at Broadwell church.
Distance about 22 miles (35km).
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Leaving the church at Ratley you need to find your way northwest out to the T-junction at the top of the village (SP379477). Just across the road on the forward slope of the hill and in the tree line is the footpath running right to left. Follow the contours of the hill left until it brings you out on a sharp corner on the A422. Turn left up the hill and on the next bend the track goes off to the right, taking you past the farm buildings, into and out of the small wood to look across the valley to Middle Tysoe some two kilometres away to the southwest (SP344444).

Once in Tysoe walk right through the village to leave again on the same footpath at SP334436. The Centenary Way runs in a very long westerly arc, passing through the hamlet of Whatcote (SP300446) then southwest across rugged hills to drop down just short of Shipston-on-Stour at Felt Mill Farm (SP269414). Then itís across the river Stour and up into the town proper.

In the town walk south on the A3400, and on reaching the centre of town take a right on the B4035 towards Chipping Camden. Just before you leave the built up area a small road on the left takes you out and onto the footpath again at SP254403. Again itís up and across the tops to point 87 at SP247389, on to High Furze at SP246377, then down across the ďKnee BrookĒ into the north end of Todenham. From here itís a long road walk straight into Morton in the Marsh (SP206329).

Again it's down through the town to leave on the A44 west for a couple of hundred metres before the footpath leaves on the left (SP203323). This is the Monarch Way and takes you southwest down into Longborough (SP182298). Walk south through the village to leave on the same footpath at SP181289, heading southeast for Donnington and the minor road to the final RV at Broadwell.