Leg 9: Broadwell to Yanworth

RV at SP079139 map sheet 163.
Walking from Broadwell church at SP201277 to the RV at Yanworth church.
Distance about 12 miles (20km).
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This lovely short leg takes you up through Stow-on-the-Wold and the very heart of the Cotswolds.

Leave Broadwell on the minor road at the southern end of the village green heading southwest. Just after a small kink in the road a track bears off to the left (SP200268) heading southwest and leads you onto another minor road and then up into Stow proper. Head for the junction of the A424 and the B4068.

Head south on the A424. About a kilometre south of the town look for a track on the right, just as the road starts to go down a very big hill (SP190251). From here your route is almost in a straight line, down though Nether Swell and across the river Dirkler. Turn left onto the MacMillan Way at SP172237, just before the minor road, and on into Lower Slaughter (SP166226). Then it's up out of the village (southwest), across two minor roads, down again to cross the river Windrush by a footbridge at SP149214, then climb again to the A436. The footpath continues straight across the road until it picks up a minor road coming in from the left. This leads you up into the very pretty village of Cold Aston.

The footpath goes down around the southern side of the village to come out on a track leading down to Bangup Barn (SP125193). From here you go down and back up again over point 216 to Turkdean (SP108175). Go though the village, leaving on the Hampnett road. Once across the A40 the road leads you down into the village of Hampnett.

Here you need to pick up the track again as it leaves the road on a sharp bend at SP099156, just before the church. Again itís a drop down and climb up, this time to point 215 at SP089152. From here the footpath takes you down past the western side of the large Oxpens Farm and out onto a small metalled track that runs from the farm down and up again into your destination for the day at Yanworth.